Our Manifesto

We believe in the future. Therefore, we believe in change.

We know that ideas are the only thing that truly changes the world. This is why we develop digital, scalable tools that help great ideas to reach the right audiences.

Twenty years ago, Denniz Pop and Max Martin revolutionized the way of writing music. Ever since, Swedish producers have dominated the global charts. Our dream is to do the same thing for ideas.

There are more coders than consultants in our company. Tech beats politics, as the great Swedish entrepreneur Jan Stenbeck said.

Happiness is not measured by the number of employees, but by the number of users. Our organization is not a whale but one of the shoal. We’re inspired by Uber, not dinosaurs.

We don’t sell hours. We sell products and services.

No, this is not another agency. To start one of those in 2015 would be like starting a record label. We’re inspired by how Spotify turned the music industry on its head.

This is no place for charlatans. We are heavy users who build the tools we need ourselves.

We know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. But we also know that talent and passion beat status and cash. Hence, our mission is to help passionate people spread great ideas.

We were conceived in a tiny hotel room at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and born in Stockholm during Symposium, celebrating the creative capital of the world.

We’re born digital, born global and born design.

We are powered by Miltton, the Nordic standard-bearer in creative, integrated communications. Together, we’ll bring change.

Summer is coming.

Fredrik Andersson, Martin Borgs and André Assarsson
Stockholm June 10, 2015




Fredrik Andersson

Fredrik Andersson is Chief Executive Officer and founder of Miltton Labs.

During the last years, Fredrik has been based in Stockholm and New York. He’s been dividing his time between working as a Strategic and Public Affairs Consultant and angel investments in startups.

His most recent investment is in the Miltton Group, Finland’s largest communications agency and the parent of Miltton Labs.

Fredrik’s a passionate lover of the Arts, and an investor in Fotografiska, (The Swedish Museum of Photography), one of the world’s most prominent venues for photography. He’s also a board member of the Civil Rights Defenders.

Fredrik started his career in Public Relations and Public Affairs in 1995 at Rikta Kommunikation, before he became a partner of Prime Group in 1998.

As one of the two major owners, Fredrik helped Prime Group become Sweden’s largest public relations firm until a successful exit in 2013. Prime has built an international reputation for breakthrough creative work, winning numerous Cannes Lions, Eurobest, Clios and SABRE awards.

In 2008, Fredrik was awarded the International Public Relations Association prize for “Best Crisis Management Project in the World” in a project conducted for the Stockholm County Council.

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Martin Borgs

Martin Borgs is Chief Innovation Officer and founder of Miltton Labs.

Martin was previously heading the production company 922 Stories, which has been fully acquired by Miltton Labs.

Since his debut 1200 miljarder (1200 Billions), Martin has produced eight documentaries. Among those Overdose—The Next Financial Crisis, an award-winning documentary that has been broadcasted in over 50 countries and attracted more than 2.5 million views on YouTube.

His latest production Någon annan betalar (Somebody Else Pays) broke the Swedish record for crowdfunding of a movie, and instantly became a YouTube-hit. Serving as Sweden’s Waste Ombudsman, Martin earned 50 000 followers on Facebook and extensive experience of campaigning through social media.

Martin was named ”Lobbyist of the Year 1997” as a 23-year old, after defending Sweden’s newly-born commercial radio. The award brought him to international PR firm Hill & Knowlton, where he went on to become director of public affairs before he left to become a documentary filmmaker.

He’s written numerous books on the arts of communications, as well as the best-selling ”365 ways of wasting your tax money”.

Martin serves as a member of the board of the The Swedish Arts Council since 2011.

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André Assarsson

André Assarson is Chief Digital Officer and founder of Miltton Labs.

André previously served as chief strategist for the Moderate Party in the Stockholm County Council, responsible for political planning and communications.

Stockholm County Council is one of Europe's largest healthcare providers. After the general election of 2014, it’s the largest body governed by the Moderate Party in Sweden.

During the election campaign, André spearheaded a team of 20 digital activists engaging all means of social communication. Tactics included 24/7 monitoring, data mining, micro targeted campaigns, newsjacking gamification and visualization.

Prior to Stockholm City Council, André worked four years at Prime Group as a Public Affairs Consultant and expert on social media.

Since 2010, he’s been an advisor to MEP Gunnar Hökmark on social media. André has been involved in politics since early age, and has also served as vice president of Moderata Ungdomsförbundet (The Moderate Youth League).

André’s been writing editorials for Västerviks-Tidningen and is a very active Twitter user.

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Stina Götbrink

Stina is Chief Operating Officer.

Stina was previously the deputy managing director of Novamedia Svenska PostkodLotteriet AB, together with its sister lotteries the second largest private donor to charitable causes. Stina headed the Department for Corporate Social Responsibilites including the company donations of more than one billion Swedish kronor to Non Governmental Organisations. She was the company’s spokesperson on its extensive social agenda.

Prior, Stina worked as a Public Affairs consultant at Prime Group, where she managed some of the largest accounts and projects.

Stina started her career at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs where she has been engaged in security politics, EU affairs, climate and environment, as well as covered bilateral affairs with Africa and Asia. She has been posted to the Swedish Embassies in Luanda, Angola and Lisbon, Portugal.

Stina serves as a member of the board of Vi‑skogen.

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Diana Van

Diana is a specialist at Miltton Labs.

Diana has previously worked as a political advisor for the Centre Party and the ruling majority of Västerås city council, focusing mainly on enterprise and economical policy. She graduated in 2013 from Jönköping International Business School with a bachelor degree in Tax and Commercial Law.

Since the end of her studies Diana has also been working as a junior policy adviser for the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise in Brussels as well as project leader at the think-tank Free World Forum. There she worked on affecting public opinion on matters regarding trade and with the project freetrade.nu. Furthermore, Diana is an alumna of Sture Academy (2014) and Timbro’s Digital Academy (2015).

At an early age, Diana found her political home in the Centre Party; a board member of the Centre Party Youth from 2011 to 2013, she is currently Vice-President for Centre Students since 2015. Starting in 2016, Diana will moreover assume the position of board member in the National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations (LSU).

With her heart in Småland and roots in Guangzhou, she approaches her tasks with a fusion of cultural perspectives.

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André Frisk

André is a specialist at Miltton Labs.

André was previously head of Web & IT at the think tank Timbro and was responsible for digital communications and content production. During his time at Timbro he also ran his own public relations/public affairs company.

Prior, André worked with political communication and organization management for the liberal youth of Sweden and has been involved with developing digital political communication during the Swedish elections. He served as a member of the board for the liberal youth and spokesperson for questions regarding integrity and regional development during the 2014 elections.

He also ran a campaign for parliament with digital communications as his main campaign tool.

André also has a lot of experience as an event planner and has planed events with some of Sweden’s most prominent artists. He is currently vice chairman at the Confederation of Swedish Conservative and Liberal Students.

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Valdemar Liungman

Valdemar is a specialist at Miltton Labs.

Valdemar has worked as a consultant since 2006, making video and graphic content for a wide variety of clients. He has worked on three national election campaigns in Sweden. His specialty is digital communication and social media. Valdemar studied economics and literature in Edinburgh for three years between 2011 and 2014. In 2016 he received a B.a. in Literature from Uppsala University.

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Work for us

Miltton Labs is a company at the intersection of strategic communications and tech. Our philosophy is digital first and we are always willing to experiment with new tools. Our clients represent a wide variety of corporations, lobby groups and special interest organizations.

We are always looking for creative and interesting people, so if you are interested in working at the forefront of communications we want to hear from you. Please send a short cover letter and CV to work@milttonlabs.com.



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